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Direct pickup and delivery

Whether you are looking for same day pick up and delivery service, hot shot, white glove, trade show, warehouse and distribution Paige Courier Service will get it done for you.

Trust our professionals drivers to pick up and deliver almost anything in Atlanta, Georgia.

Flexibility of Services

We strive to make doing business with us a rewarding experience. Whether you need a commodity sent from business to business or from a business to a customer, we will get it done right way.  Our services are available for any sector.

        Key Sectors
       Freight Forwarder Legal                                        Real Estate
               Medical                                                                      Pharmaceutical
    Electronic companies                                           Technology
       Auto Industry                                                        Construction
 Manufactures                                                               Retail
Government Agencies                                              Schools
          Private Sectors                                                        Public Sectors


Courier in Warehouse


Routes deliveries, hot shots, white glove, trade show, warehouse and distribution.  Capabilities to process drop drayage.

With our specialized service Paige Courier Service can handle pickup's and deliveries of freight of all kind from airlines and or linehaul carriers to customers, or from business direct to customers within Atlanta and neighboring cites, service that is not offered by larger service provider.

Our team of experts dispatchers and drivers can secure pick up and deliver of your sensitive items such  medical equipment, medicals supplies, critical parts for vehicles, ATM machines, appliances, computer equipments, exhibit materials and many more commodities.  Paige Courier Service also has the capability of processing drop drayage Call or e-mail us for a rate quote on your service request.